To use an agency or not?

Although our headline might seem counterproductive, our conversations across the board seem to mirror complex national and international trends for marketeers when deciding how best to put their marketing into action – in-house vs consultancy, in-house vs agency, or dare we say it… not at all.

There will never be a one-size-fits-all solution but full-service agencies like us offer brands the flexibility to define the working relationship to suit its very own strategy, internal capabilities and KPIs. Examples of this flexibility is evident in our client base, which ranges from having dedicated teams to do everything required from a strategy, planning and creative perspective; to ad-hoc requests for a website build or the creation of a logo.

If the choice is in your hands, we would recommend the following considerations to help you get the best from an agency relationship:

1. Have a marketing budget
If the answer is “We don’t have a specific number in mind”, remember that we are aiming to help you reach specific goals and that recommendations are built with this in mind. After all, how can we forecast ROI without considering budget?


2. Value the ROI of marketing
Don’t just take our word for it; it helps to do a bit of your own research, particularly for digital channels. G2 is a good a place to start as any.


3. Have strong & defined business goals
Part of measuring ROI involves knowing what your key KPIs are. We can help define the marketing KPIs, but these need to support the business goals that will take your business forward.


4. Provide a contact who can fully engage in the process
We work best when we collaborate with you. You might be short on time, which we can work with, but we will need your input for important decisions and to ensure that what we create has buy-in from an internal as well as external perspective.


The signs to look out for when looking to bring in an agency

Never ones to rest on our laurels, the past few months has seen us travel the length and breadth of the UK meeting new prospects of differing shapes and sizes. Below are the key critical factors that we feel identify if you require the help of an external agency:

We can help with all the above. As for number 10, speak to us and let us show you how an agency should behave.

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