Environmental Policy

Introduction / Director’s Statement

We are committed to reducing the impact on the environment our work causes for our own operations and those of our clients. We recognise that we cannot completely operate in a carbon-free method and are working towards becoming a fully carbon neutral company by 2030, off-setting unavoidable carbon emissions through a carbon sequestration scheme operated by the WorldlandTrust.


Design solution

  • Our design solution should always strive for using the least resources possible and having a minimal damaging impact on the environment.
  • To look at the most effective way of achieving marketing targets and the design goal, using fewer resources.

Save resources

  • Use electronic rather than paper-based communications where possible
  • Re-use and recycle paper and stationery items in the studio environment.
  • Encourage clients to use digital proofs instead of wet proofs where possible.

Choice of materials

  • Only specify paper that is either recycled or paper from sustainable forestry (FSC), where fit for purpose.
  • Using only recycled paper during the design process.
  • Specify only materials from sources that have the least impact on the environment wherever possible.

Choice of printers/suppliers

  • EBY Design preferably work with printers that are ISO140001 or FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) certified and offer VOC (volatile organic compound) emission-free printing.
  • To utilize digital lower-energy printing facilities on short print runs, where fit for purpose.

Reduce fuel consumption

  • Avoiding unnecessary car journeys.
  • To combine a number of goals within one journey where possible.


  • Making this policy known to all people working with EBY Design.
  • To encourage our clients, suppliers and workforce to adopt environmentally friendly marketing and design solutions and to choose low carbon resources wherever possible.