Finding simple solutions to complex forms

Our work with Coats, one of the world’s biggest thread manufacturers, varies both in terms of scope and the methods we use to communicate with its stakeholders and customers throughout the globe.

Being able to produce videos, emails, social media assets, presentations and sales activation tools is a given – the creativity and strategic thinking that we apply to every project, no matter how big or small, is what makes the relationship, as well as the work, so effective and rewarding.

Investing time to ensure we maintain a deep understanding of the brand, we have created LinkedIn PointDrives to open doors for their sales teams; product launch campaigns with a clearly defined, relevant and engaging value proposition, and animated videos that bring existing 2D presentations alive through animation – ensuring all of it builds and is aligned to the brand.

With a history spanning over 200 years and a workforce bursting with ingenuity, it is also a privilege to have been asked to help define its Innovation Framework; its language and the story it wants to tell both internally and externally.


“They have the ability to think both strategically and with a creative flair. They have quickly gained an understanding of what is a very complex business that operates in multiple locations, with varying cultures and languages to take into consideration, embracing the diversity and building content that can resonate across the globe, tailored to specific markets when needed.

They have worked with us to take an idea, test it, build it into a brief, helping us to clarify our positioning in the process so that we have robust and engaging content aligned to a well thought out strategy.”



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