Mattel Inc.


Working closely with UK and French marketing teams, our portfolio not only includes Mattel, but also cuts across the iconic brands of Barbie®, Hot Wheels® and Fisher-Price®, as well as a wide array of entertainment-inspired toy lines.

Our scope of work has largely focused in digital tactics, with promotional and advertising activities used to great effect to promote new toy ranges, such as those inspired by Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom, or staple names such as Barbie® to create engagement with its ‘With Barbie®, You Can Be Anything’ new accessories range.

We have also embraced the wider role these toys have in developing imagination and behaviour.  The Hot Wheels® ‘Challenge Accepted’ campaign was all about boosting a child’s problem solving skills, whilst Fisher Price® focused on product aspects that were new, surprising and fun to appeal to the imagination.

As if to embrace the fact that not all toys are the same, we’re also proud to have been involved with the launch of new brand franchises.  With Enchantimals™, a fantasy world celebrating the special bond between children and animals, EBY helped launch 14 dolls and 3 playsets to the market.









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