Brand repositioning and refresh

Cygnia is a logistics and fulfilment business (3PL) that specialises in high-value products using bespoke and digitally innovative solutions. It had a logo, but no brand. It was also emerging from a challenging operational period and so needed a vision for the future which was easy to understand and embrace internally, and which celebrated its new customer-focused approach to business.

The research we conducted, both with internal stakeholders and customers, confirmed some of what Cygnia already suspected. Importantly, the insights generated allowed us to progress our strategy from elements of ‘truth’ and develop a positioning, messaging framework and brand narrative which correlated to customer needs, was segmented, focused and clearly differentiated. The latter was a significant challenge given the highly competitive and crowded market in which it operated.

Armed with this new positioning and value proposition – ‘Uniting you with your customer’ – and the defined target audience profiles we created, we then strengthened its visual identity and tested it to ensure proper engagement and buy-in.

Prior to launch, we briefed Cygnia’s PR agency and internal ‘brand guardians’ on the new strategy, tone of voice and guidelines. We also revamped its website and armed Cygnia with a new corporate brochure. This was created in modules to act as the foundation for its sales presentations, key pieces of collateral and digital communications to ensure consistency in brand messaging and creative execution.

We continue to work with Cygnia on the wider changes needed to help ensure the brand delivers on its brand promise, with LinkedIn campaigns being a particular area of focus.

“EBY enabled us to completely re-think our strategy and approach to the market, and in an extremely dynamic way. Analysis of our market and operation led us to better understand why we do what we do, which ultimately set the tone for an entire re-structure of our identity. Our new strategy set the foundations for improvements to customer touchpoints, covering elements such as brochures and web design. With EBY’s guidance we’ve come a long way in less than a year, have transformed our approach to market, and now have the tools and expertise needed to be at our best.”

Head of Marketing, Cygnia Logistics

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